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Δωρεάν πρόσβαση σε βραβευμένες εργασίες της ASCE

Ο εκδοτικός οίκος ASCE προσφέρει ελεύθερα πρόσβασιμα τα ακόλουθα άρθρα, που έχουν βραβευθεί σε διάφορους διαγωνισμούς:

Current and Future Challenges in Groundwater. I: Modeling and Management of Resources. R. Ojha, M. Ramadas, and Rao S. Govindaraju. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering Jan 2015, Vol. 20, No. 1

[Wesley W. Horner Award] Sed2K: Modeling Lake Sediment Diagenesis in a Management Context. Steven C. Chapra, Rasika K. Gawde, Martin T. Auer, Rakesh K. Gelda, and Noel R. Urban. Journal of Environmental Engineering Mar 2015, Vol. 141, No. 3

[Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulic Prize] Clear Water Abutment Scour in a Compound Channel for Extreme Hydrologic Events. Seung Ho Hong, Terry W. Sturm, and Thorsten Stoesser. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering Jun 2015, Vol. 141, No. 6

[Thomas A. Middlebrooks Award] Scour Depth at Bridges: Method Including Soil Properties. I: Maximum Scour Depth Prediction. Jean-Louis Briaud. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Feb 2015, Vol. 141, No. 2

[Alfred Noble Prize] Revisiting Convolution Scheme in Bridge Aerodynamics: Comparison of Step and Impulse Response Functions.Teng Wu and Ahsan Kareem. Journal of Engineering Mechanics May 2014, Vol. 140, No. 5

[Raymond C. Reese Research Prize] Seismic Performance of Steel Plate Shear Walls Considering Two Different Design Philosophies of Infill Plates. I: Deterioration Model Development. Ronny Purba and Michel Bruneau. Journal of Structural Engineering Jun 2015, Vol. 141, No. 6

[Thomas Fitch Rowland Prize] Effects of the Last Planner System on Social Networks among Construction Trade Crews. Vitaliy Priven and Rafael Sacks. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management Jun 2015, Vol. 141, No. 6

[2016 Best Case Study Award] Using a Surface Energy Balance Model (ReSET-Raster) to Estimate Seasonal Crop Water Use for Large Agricultural Areas: Case Study of the Palo Verde Irrigation District. Aymn Elhaddad and Luis A. Garcia. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Oct 2014, Vol. 140, No. 10

[2016 Best Paper Award] Dynamic Control Thresholds for Consistent Earned Value Analysis and Reliable Early Warning. Byung-Cheol Kim. Journal of Management in Engineering Sep 2015, Vol. 31, No. 5

[2016 Quentin Martin Best Practice-Oriented Paper] How Should Robustness Be Defined for Water Systems Planning under Change? Jonathan D. Herman, Patrick M. Reed, Harrison B. Zeff, and Gregory W. Characklis. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management Oct 2015, Vol. 141, No. 10

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